All you have to do is press play

Effortlessly managed music for your business or space

Music playlists made for you

We match you with an expert music curator who creates and schedules perfect playlists for your space.

Save precious time

Right music, right time

Playlists are expertly designed to match different trading patterns across the day.

Keep everyone happy

More shuffle, less repeats

New tracks are added automatically each month, keeping your music fresh and up-to-date.

Make it bespoke

Interactive and smart

Instantly adjust your music, preset a weekly schedule and give feedback on tracks.

Ready in minutes

No nasty surprises

Every single song is screened to prevent any unsuitable language, content or themes.

On-demand access to music experts

We love smart technology but nothing replaces the human love of music.

Our network of curators work with some of the world’s leading brands, artists and record labels.

  1. The Classic Lounge Smooth Jazz, Nu-Soul

    Impeccable service needs an impeccable soundtrack: classic and nu-jazz meet sophisticated pop and soul.

    Rebecca Gaskell Smooth Jazz, Nu-Soul

    Freelance radio producer for the BBC, currently producing Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on BBC 6 Music.

  2. The Ibiza Beach Bar Chillout, Sparkling Balearic

    Sparkling Balearic and contemporary chillout for the ultimate post-tanning cool down.

    Sophie Lloyd Chillout, Sparkling Balearic

    Music producer and DJ for over 15 years working with Spotify, Mini, Nobu, Soho House Group and Nokia.

  3. The Hipster Hangout Electro, Indie Anthems

    Indie-dance, leftfield pop and electro classics for indie rock 'n' rollers and East London hangouts.

    Amy Haley Electro, Indie Anthems

    Self-proclaimed music addict, freelance writer for the Independent and a music curator for Songza.

  4. The Family Favourite Easy Listening, Golden Oldies

    Keeping it light with well-known pop, upbeat soul, and world beats for dessert.

    Charlie Ashcroft Easy Listening, Golden Oldies

    Radio presenter and DJ who's presented a weekly music showcase on Amazing Radio since 2010.

  5. Gastro Pub
    The Rib Shack Classic Blues, Americana

    Get down and dirty with this blend of classic rock, authentic blues and Americana

    Josh Moses Classic Blues, Americana

    Serious music addict, loud volume abuser and best Australian music export since Niki Webster!

  6. The Fast Food Joint Vibrant Chart, Commercial EDM

    Fast tunes for even faster food with a mix of upbeat chart and energetic dance hits.

    Gavin Bell Vibrant Chart, Commercial EDM

    Singer songwriter and Vinyl hoarder. Shared stages with the likes of Lianne La Havas, Alt-J and Nick Mulvey.

Fast streaming Instant updates Advance scheduling Lots of backups

Stream from any computer or iPad

Ambie is a fully cloud-based platform, available from any computer or iPad with the internet - no hardware needed.

New tracks instantly with no delay

We add and remove new tracks and channels instantly via the cloud, with no discs or software downloads needed.

Schedule your music for the entire week

Use our unique scheduling tool to pre-program your channels for the entire week, meaning all you have to is press play!

A reliable system that keeps your music playing

Our platform has a whole range of backups and fail-safes to ensure you always have music playing when you need it.


Whether you’re playing music in just one location or many, our flexible pricing suits every size and type of business.

or for more info contact our team on +44 (0) 203-282-7187

Do I need a license to use Ambie?

Ambie is fully licensed by PRS For Music and PPL to be used legally in any commercial premises. However, as a business, you’ll also need to purchase a separate public performance license that’s required by law to play music publically. You can do this by going to and

I already use Spotify. What’s the difference?

Although Spotify is great for personal music streaming, Ambie is a ‘business focused’ solution providing music that’s handpicked and regularly updated by experts specifically for your space and your customers. As Spotify is a consumer service, it is also illegal to use it in commercial spaces e.g. shops, bars, salons.

What do I need to get started?

Using Ambie is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. Just go to from any computer or download the Ambie iPad app. Choose a username and password, plug in some speakers and start playing!

Want to try out Ambie?

No problem. All you’ll need is the computer in front of you.

Ambie is currently available on computer. Want to use it on mobile? Click here to let us know!